Earth as seen from space

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Dark clouds were hovering in the sky obstructing the sun rays to warm up the environment. The two suns of the binary star system were unaware of the events happening on the planet that resided under their care. Even the 42 moons orbiting the planet K29 had no idea about how big that day was.

The planet K29 served as the Supreme Court of the multiverse. All the high-level crimes were dealt with there. The mere idea of paying a visit to K29 was enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

That day was special when the police force of all known universes was gathered together to witness the trial of the very renowned criminal, Verdon.

Among a very crowded atmosphere, the police spaceship carrying Verdon landed on the ground opposite the trial court. The door of the spaceship opened and a very wicked looking man with a long white beard with beads and an unshaven moustache appeared. Metal rings piercing his eyebrows and ear lobes gifted him an evil aura and made him stand out from the crowd.

Laser chains were tied to his hands and several robot dogs surrounded him. He was dragged by a policeman into the court but still, his dried lips formed a smile. Numerous sirens that were blowing to their best came to a stop when Verdon finally entered the court. The atmosphere fell dead silent and every breath stopped. They were afraid to break the sensitivity of the moment.

Murmurs that filled the room a moment ago had been minimised to a pin drop silence as Verdon stepped inside the court. He was made to stand in the chamber that turned into a laser cell once Verdon’s step kissed the floor.

Soon the judge entered and everyone stood up in his respect.
“Take your seats please.” Judge greeted everyone and then everyone fell silently to their respective places.

The judge signalled the lawyer to start the trial and the lights turned off. Darkness engulfed the room and soon some videos showing various planets that somehow turned into dust after a bast was shown. The audience gasped and the judge sighed. The prosecution came ahead and spoke, “Your honour, you can very well see the violation of the intergalactic peace treaty by Mr Verdon. He had destroyed around 400 barren planets and around 80 planets that supported life. He is guilty to the whole multiverse and therefore, I request you to sentence him to death or some more severe punishment to make him pay for his deeds. That’s all for now. Thank you.”

The judge nodded and turned to Verdon. “Do you have any defence lawyer?”

To this question, Verdon laughed. He smirked at the judge and replied harshly that showed confidence, “No defence, only offence.”

The judge shook his head at this statement. He sighed and wrote something in his tab. “By hearing all the proofs and witnesses the court has decided to sentence Verdon Tremor to death.”

The policemen took a breath of relief that their biggest problem is going to end soon but Verdon only carried his ever so irritating smile. He was dragged to the underground cellars that were guarded by about a thousand security checkpoints.

It was evening when someone paid a visit to Verdon. He was scratching his rock bed when a very irritating voice greeted him. “This is what you will get after all your deeds.” Verdon turned and saw Paul Tremor, the head of the intergalactic relation organisation and his very beloved brother.

“I don’t want your pity small brother. You can go.” Verdon spoke through gritted teeth that made Paul sigh. Paul turned to a guard and told him, “Grant him his last wish.”

Verdon smiled at this, imagining about his escape. He was going to be free and he knew it. Once Paul left the cell, the guard went to him and asked, “What is your last wish?”

Verdon knew he wasn’t going to get his freedom if he asked for it but neither he had any plans for it. He had never expected his brother would allow him his last wish but now when he had, Verdon was compelled to utilise it to the fullest. He was pondering over his escape plans when a red object shined in his view that rested in the side pocket of the guard.

Verdon smiled and replied, “I want to cut my nails.”

The guard was puzzled at his reply but gave him his nail cutter anyway. Verdon cut his nails slowly until the guard turned away. Sensing the opportunity, Verdon stood up, switched the nail cutter to knife and cut the guard’s throat. He looked around and quickly exchanged the clothes. As soon as he was disguised as a guard, he cleaned the bloody mess and somehow managed to stop the blood. Then he shortened his beard and moustache with the knife.

He made the body sleep on the bedrock and whenever anyone asked about Verdon, he replied that the culprit was sleeping. People made jokes of him that he must be repenting his guilt when he was to embrace death.

In no time, the night passed. Verdon tried to contain his excitement and arouse no suspicions. He was successful in hiding his little trick when the order finally came to bring the sentenced culprit to the ground.

Verdon covered the body’s face with a black cloth and dragged him with care. Whenever he came across any security checkpoint, he pressed the dead guard’s finger to it and kept his hat low to hide his identity.

Soon he placed the guard inside a chamber where he was hung up as a traditional ritual and then turned to dust as the new technology and law. Verdon was smiling at the idiocy of high honoured people. He suppressed his happiness and walked down the road to pay a visit to someone very special.

He kept his head low and camouflaged between the other uniform carriers to reach that place where someone special was staying. He entered the building and walked to the receptionist. He informed, “I was asked to inform Mr Tremor as soon as the culprit is given his punishment.”

The receptionist nodded at him and took her cellphone to ask Mr Paul Tremor as he was the head of the intergalactic relationship organisation. Verdon sensed her actions previously and suddenly took her phone. “Ma’am I would like to give this news as a surprise so that Mr Tremor may give me a promotion.”

The receptionist seemed to think about it but then again Verdon spoke popping the ‘e’, “Please.”

The receptionist finally agreed and allowed him to meet Mr Tremor. Verdon was happy at his not so little victory and walked to the elevator. He pressed the button that will take him to the topmost floor. Once he felt his step on the topmost floor, he could feel his lifeline on his palm was extending. He was going to continue his game and no one could stop him.

Verdon slowly walked to Mr Tremor’s flat using the same excuse he gave to the receptionist to finally reach Paul’s personal room. Paul recognised him as the guard and went to bring him in his embrace. But Paul didn’t know that to hug him was his death wish.

When Paul came near him, Verdon took out the nail cutter. Again, he switched it to a knife and pushed it inside Paul’s body. Paul’s body fell to the floor and he coughed out blood. Verdon removed his cap and kneeled to smirk at Paul. He laughed out his heart and threw the nail cutter away. Through his laughter, he spoke “Thanks for giving me my last wish.”


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