I believe that everyone has a story to share and they deserve to do it beautifully.


On Write Like Pro, You will find everything about writing at one place.

I will share tips on writing better.
Blogs,Fiction, Non-Fiction and every kind of writing that exists will be covered here.

I will also talk about the various ways by which you can earn by writing.
Freelancing, Available Contests and Competitions will also be discussed here.

And... I will also give reviews on all the TOOLS and PLATFORMS available for writing so that you don't have to be clueless and waste your time on things that are not worth it.

I will share my experience here and the tricks I have learned in my journey. The secrets I have discovered by hard way are going to be revealed here.

Write Smart Earn Fast!

This is the Tagline of Write Like Pro and true to it, I don't believe in sophistication.

I think that small things matter the most.

So I am going to break down every process into the smaller fragments for you to understand. I will show you where just a small change can reap you wonders. I will tell you the secrets of the magic ink that makes a story come into life and help people earn lifetime after just one shot at hard work.